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Technology Trends That Are Changing The Education World

Technology today has entirely changed the education game. What worked earlier is of no use now and what comes handy today, had no space in past. Likewise, today, teachers, as well as students, are more tech-savvy and the modes and methods of teachings have dramatically changed. From bot made assessments to do my class online for me online services, technology has bettered the learning experiences for students and teaching experiences of teachers. The technological trends and gadgets that are being adopted have brought a swift shift in modern education. They are moving towards making a considerable impact in this field. The benefits the academic world is leveraging with such tools are massive.

In the last few years, machine learning, the internet of things, and big data were the real bosses. However, after the outbreak of the global pandemic, the tech trends have been completely replaced. The distance studying strategies have bought much inaction that was not predicted yet are working modestly with today’s necessity. All these trends influencing learning have become a big source to fuel engagement and interaction among classrooms.

Technology Trends That Are Changing The Education World

To learn more about the modern-day progressing tech trends and developments, stay hooked to us. In this article, we are going to cover all the recent growth that technology has come up with in the education sector. According to many researchers, this growing market is not to see a decline anytime soon and will continue to outshine in the next coming years. So let us get deeper into the topic.

Following are the technology trends that have seen massive growth in the last few years.

Video-Assisted Learning

Video-assisted learning has seen immense progress amid the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, it has become popular method than ever. In the classroom displays, the progress is viable and holds a significant worth in the modern education world.

Additionally, in this method, videos and other visual content are used to teach students to make learning more possessing yet exciting. Besides this, gone are the days when students had to go to the lab to see such documentaries. Today scholars say, “Video day” is no longer a television on a trolley being wheeled into a class. With the internet and digital devices, every day can be a “video day.” Also, with smart devices, today, students can have access to such information anytime and anywhere. Be it their home, tuition, or any training center, with their digital gadgets, they can access such content anywhere, and any place.

This trend has also become a key to better understanding. Students are more excited about learning from such devices and are happy to acquire more than usual. Such devices make complex topics comprehensive and help improve students’ results without teachers being overfull with extra work.

According to a scientific and academic publishing paper, video demonstrations are highly resulting for students. They believe that video-assisted learning augments the learning experience and has a direct impact on the performances of students.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is providing exceptional safety to educational institutions. This way to structure data collects information, adds them in small blocks, and chains them all with the previous blocks, which is why this development is known as blockchain technology. In the education sector, this trend plays an imperative role to store data. The information once stored in blockchains is tough to change and requires the network user’s permission for modifications.

The record-keeping callings for schools, etc. are made quite easy using this technology. Today, institutions don’t need to verify students’ academic credentials. All the data stored in the chain ensures authenticity, which ultimately results in reducing the situations of fraud at offices and workplaces. Similarly, this technology also helps students to compile their data while the job-seeking process.

Artificial Intelligence

It won’t be wrong if we say that AI is dominating the educational world. What a powerful impact this technology has! According to the predictions of a few tech gurus, 2021 is the growing age of Artificial Intelligence. Out of the 86 percent growth of this technology, 38 is carried by the academic field alone and is expected to accelerate further by the end of 2021.          

Would you believe it if we say that according to the tech market, AI is ready to touch $3.68 billion by the year 2023? The application of this trend is continuously growing in the education divisions and is ready to reach heights crossing all the boundaries. AI in education is working as an all-rounder player. Few of its applications include:

  • Attendance tracking
  • Exam security
  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Identification of candidates
  • Sound/object detection during exams
  • Student’s performance evaluation
  • AI-powered assessments
  • Online examinations
  • Speech to text conversions
  • Remote invigilation
  • Personalized tutoring


Gamified learning is one of the most interactive learning methods in the education world. To acquire students’ interest and help them understand better and learn more, teachers are assigning assignments in the form of games. The mechanism of this method helps simulate students’ interests and accelerates students’ engagement. From primary to higher levels of educations, students are finding it much easy to learn complex concepts in the pretense of entertainment actions.

Students learn and practice practical concepts with their mates and colleagues and come up with their unique ideas. Therefore, educational institutions must take care that the sole purpose of gamification is not only providing entertainment. In spite of everything, the main intention is still easy to understand. So they must not only use the fun element for only enjoyment purposes.

Social Media Learning

Never had we thought that social media will become one of the leading faces of modern-day learning, however, it certainly has. The acceptance of this notion being a part of the learning process would have been a shock if covid was not in our lives. However, since we have been in complete lockdown and we could only connect with social media, this part of learning is not very surprising.

With the technological advancements changing day by day, social media has shown significant worth in the academic field. The young and the mature students are not only using these channels for entertainment purposes but many are building their own portfolio. Teachers are leveraging this trend to enhance their teaching process. Whereas, students are utilizing it for better problem understanding.

The clan together are sharing photos, infographics, notes, etc. with each other to streamline their learning experiences. Could it be better than this when you are receiving and forwarding all your courses to expand others’ knowledge and build professional connections at the same time?


The progression of TechEd is shocking yet stunning. All the traditional modes of academia have altered and new trends are taking over. In such times, learning has become much less demanding. Additionally, students are loving all that is happening. The change and innovations are exciting however, take a lot of time.

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