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What Are The Benefits Of Tiktok For Students?

It is no new information that TikTok is one of teenagers’ most popular social networking platforms. The common perception of TikTok is it being an entertainment application. Little do we know that it can also be utilized as a learning tool – benefits of TikTok for students.

Maybe that is why parents continually bombard children with their all-time favorite question; what is this TikTok? Why do you spend time on TikTok when you can learn helpful information online? For which you have no clear answer, isn’t it? Well, to clear it up, TikTok Marketingx is here to be your voice in front of your parents. Let’s enhance their knowledge of how TikTok is used as a learning tool.

Benefits Of TikTok for Students

The benefits of TikTok for students are it is a fantastic tool for learning in quick yet digestible bits. Additionally, the content on TikTok is more likely to keep your attention intact than a standard lecture or textbook. The charm lies in its humor and innovation.

  • Polishes Videography Skills

Yes, TikTok is helping us to develop crucial talents. Skills that we can use in both the classroom and the workplace. We can learn everything about video editing with this application, including fundamental cutting, audio, transitions, and more. This can then ultimately helps us in our online classwork.

  • Discipline

A million-dollar question – how is TikTok teaching us to be disciplined? Well, when we manage to execute our TikTok flawlessly, we ultimately feel the joy of success and feel accomplished as TikTokers. It requires a lot of time and determination, which are skills we can apply to other areas of our lives, such as our hobbies, assignments, schoolwork, and other interests.

  • Out Of The Box Creativity

By creating various unique concepts for TikTok, we get to use our imagination and be creative. This will be useful in the real world, particularly for careers in social media, advertising, and other related fields. TikTok allows us to absorb information and learn more effectively than traditional lecture-based lessons and constant assignments.

  • Opportunity To Showcase Your Talent

When you use your creativity on TikTok, you are showcasing it to the platform’s 1B+ users. Shocked? Well, it is true. TikTokers, only with 100K followers, earn between $500 and $2000 from sponsored posts in their videos. So, you can showcase your talent on TikTok and start getting rich.

Mind Boggling Insights

  • The Highest Time Spent

A study done in 2023 about user retention time on TikTok shows that a user spends an average of 55.8 minutes on TikTok than any other social media platform.

benefits of TikTok for students
  • The Highest Installations

Over 3.5 billion devices around the world have TikTok installed. In February 2019, it reached the 1 billion mark, and in April 2020, it reached the 2 billion mark. Midway through 2021, it surpassed three billion, and in 2023 it has the highest installation rate ever.

  • The Most Popular App In 2023

The popularity of TikTok is widespread, not simply in the US but all around the globe. With a total of 672 million downloads, it has become the most installed application worldwide. While Instagram holds second place with 548 million downloads overall.

  • Accessible To More Than 150 Countries

According to the official TikTok Creator Marketplace, the app is currently accessible in more than 150 markets. In more than 40 countries, it is also one of the most downloaded apps.

Best Educational TikTok Accounts

41% of the TikTok audience are young people between the ages of 16 and 24. Furthermore, there is a ton of educational content available, all of which TikTok supports through its #LearnOnTikTok program. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the website’s most fascinating and informative accounts. TikTok definitely has the potential to help academic progress greatly.

  1. @mathswithmisschang

This London-based math teacher with 286.6K followers and 4.2 million likes provides advice on how to approach math issues. Ms. Chang also presents intriguing math issues that you have no one to ask about but might have encountered in the classroom.

  • @alphaeducation

Want a distinction in math SAT? Then you must follow this guy with 338.9K followers and 3.7M likes. He solely concentrates on resolving all the SAT problems. Good luck with your test preparation!

alpha education
  • @billnye

Bill Nye, with 9.9M followers and 57.6M likes, is a well-known TikToker for making science more accessible to the general public and has no plans to stop entertaining the audience with surprising scientific events.


The Bottom Line

We all are familiar with how TikTok reels get viral. Speaking of which, have you watched the most viral educational reel on TikTok about how ChatGPT works by @physicsdude? If not, you must.

So, in this blog, we have shared a few benefits for students who anticipate enhancing their creativity. TikTok serves as a tool for approaching a subject from a fresh new angle and can provide you with the best online class help. Also, these are only a few benefits out of many. We hope that now your parents will share your enthusiasm for TikTok. If you want any more help, TikTok Marketingx can be your spokesperson in front of your parents.  

Secret Tip:

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